Lab Testing For Textile Industry in Tirupur
Research and Development

Textile and apparel testing is crucial for the fashion industry. The legacy of touching lives stems from the four pillars of our philosophy – experience, excellence, expertise and research. Thus, Atlabs undertakes stringent testing mechanism at various stages of manufacturing to maintain the quality and comfort level of the garments.

We make sure that each garment meets the quality standards and make all our stakeholders happy by providing technical support by our Research and Development team.

Atlabs is supported by a set of highly-skilled technicians in R&D who make it possible to achieve the business objective and impartial laboratory test results to guarantee customer satisfaction. These factors provide us with a solid foundation to grow and reach greater heights.

Woven Fabric testing laboratory in Tirupur

Before a textile material or a product is put into market for consumer application, it needs to be checked and evaluated for its quality, reliability and performance. The properties of the material are checked on different stages of its production and practice under various conditions by Research and Development team such as,

  • Check the test results and observations that helps to decide the route of production to be followed
  • Selecting the appropriate raw material to maintain or enhance the quality of a textile material
  • Regulating and Supervising various testing process
  • Quality & Performance enhancement
  • Investigate the faulty material and provide technical support for treatment

We Atlabs emphasize on Research and Development as core for our business. As an Innovative and Sustainable organization we have integrated R&D team to lead process and product development & Improvement.

The objective of the R&D division

  • Improve process and product by optimization.
  • Enhancing the efficiency in sustainable way.
  • Reducing the utilization of natural resource.
  • Upgrade the product and process development.
Textile Auxillaries testing laboratory in Tirupur

Atlabs undertakes research and development pertaining to identification, modification and development of processes for commercialization of desired product to the satisfaction of the customer. The division develops contemporary technologies in the context of globalization and hi-tech industrial competition and helps to upgrade the existing ones. The integrated R&D supports future beyond objectives of our organization and our customers with complete Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Textile Production inspection services in Tirupur