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Welcome to ATLABS

ATLABS is one of the leading textile testing laboratories, where a customer can get all textile testing done in one roof. Our lab testing services includes testing garments, fabrics and accessories in accordance with different international standards viz ISO, BIS, DIN, AATCC, ASTM, JIS, CAN/CGSB etc.

We are committed to offer highest standards of excellence to the customers by providing timely accurate and impartial laboratory test results to guarantee Customer Satisfaction to Perfection. We assure complete Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of test result through dedicated work, technical competency, confidence and reliability.

European Standards (EN) Testing laboratory in Tirupur

Atlabs Vision

Strive to become one of the leading Testing and Inspection Service providers in global and help our client continuously to achieve their success.

JIS Standards Testing laboratory in Tirupur

Atlabs Values

  • Client Focus
  • Leading Change
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
Skilled Textile Testing Provider in Tirupur

Atlabs Mission

To help Customers achieve their business objectives, by providing innovative, Best-in-Class Consulting, Testing Solutions and Services.

Who We Are

ATLABS has been set up to meet the testing requirements of the local textile trade, industry, exporters and overseas buyers. Atlabs meet the regulatory requirements stipulated by state and central government and other local regulatory bodies.The laboratory is equipped with the facilities for testing of textiles, chemicals as required by different customers. The type of samples presently received by the laboratory from different customers includes yarns, fabrics, made ups, ready made garments and accessories used in garments. We works with a common motto as Customer Satisfaction to Perfection by employing right kind of people for the right job.

We Strive To
Apparel testing laboratory in Tirupur
Study and develop lab testing & inspection quality control technology, provided by our clients' innovative and professional quality solutions.
Bring our clients outstanding values and help to drive their cost down, increase sales and profits by continuously improving their product quality, management system, and add value to their products and services.
Make global purchasing more simple, smoother, safer and happier through helping our clients do better what they do in testing and inspection thus reducing and eliminating the risks in accepting unsafe, substandard merchandise towards the end customers..
Quality Policy

To Provide Prompt and Precise quality services to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering solutions which meet their needs and expectations.

By providing testing facilities for evaluating quality parameters of textiles & chemicals as per international / national standards & validated inhouse methods.

Quality Objectives
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The quality objectives are achieved through the following:

Adopting good laboratory practices so that the test results reported by the laboratory are accurate, reliable, repeatable & reproducible.

Utilizing appropriate equipments for extending quality testing services and adopting national & international standards such as BIS, ISO, AATCC, ASTM, BS, CAN and validated in-house test methods as per customer requirements.

Setting up / up gradation of facilities for various test parameters in the laboratory.

Continuous human resource development by imparting need based training at different level.

Documenting and maintaining the quality system in laboratory as per the criteria stipulated in the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (E).

Organizing / participating in inter-laboratory proficiency testing in order to ascertain the technical competence.

The laboratory maintains an effective laboratory quality system with the total commitment of the management and by involving all the employees.

Qualified Textiles testing laboratory in Tirupur