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Technical Specification GB 18401-2010

"GB 18401-2010 National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products"

GB 18401-2010 standardizes the general safety requirements and testing methods for all textile products manufactured in or exported to China. It is largely derived from the textile and apparel standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

GB 18401-2010 testing and compliance expertise to assure your clothes and decorative textiles sold in China meet this standard’s requirements to control hazardous substances in textile products, improve textile product quality, ensure people's basic safety and health and to enforce the general safety and technical specifications.

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GB 18401 Establishes Three Classes for Textile Products

  • Class 1: Products for babies -- (up to 36 months of age), which includes products such as cloth diapers, underwear, gloves, socks, bibs, outerwear, and bedding items.
  • Class 2: Products with direct skin contact -- including blouses, skirts, shorts, socks, brassieres, bed sheets, towels.
  • Class 3: Products without direct skin contact -- including some sweaters and overcoats, bed covers, curtains, filling material, textile wallpaper and padding cloth.

In Atlabs we have a special team, expertise to ensure the textile and apparel products comply with GB 18401-2010 in an identical procedure to GB testing and to discover how our China safety testing can ensure regulatory compliance for best trading.

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